Goa Liberation Day

Freedom means the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. India got freedom from British rule in 1947 but since then Goa was the only part of India under foreign control. Goa, which was under Portuguese rule, ultimately became a part of India on 19th December 1961. Therefore, 19th December is celebrated as Goa’s Liberation day.

Portuguese came to India in 1510 and ruled for 451 years. There was a prolonged freedom struggle wherein many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives. Goa’s freedom movement was built on the small scale revolts and uprisings of the 19th century and grew powerful during the period 1940-1961. The movement which was initiated in Goa, got a fillip by support from outside Goa. Varied range of tactics like nonviolent demonstrations, revolutionary methods and diplomatic efforts were undertaken. Ultimately ‘Operation Vijay’ was staged by the Indian military forces which led to Goa’s liberation.

Twenty six years in 1987, Goa gained statehood. From then on, this tiny state has been making progress in various spheres and there is no doubt that Goa would be a force to recon with in the years to come. Goa is one of the highest per capita income states in the country. Even though it is a small state, there are two ministers in the Union cabinet with Shri Manohar Parrikar looking after the prestigious Defence portfolio.

Tourism is the major industry of Goa and every year, millions of tourists visit this beautiful state which is often referred as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. Another major aspect which attracts tourists, is the warmth & hospitality they receive from Goans, rich Goan culture & tradition, Goan festivals, Goan Temples & Churches and the likes.

Marcou Artifacts is a truly Goan enterprise which has always taken pride in being Goan and promoting Goan identity & Goan craft through their products. The company presents a fusion of creativity and quality, which promotes local talent. It is an earnest effort to spread the Goan culture and its rich heritage beyond the shores of its land.

Marcou Artifacts has designed creative Goan artefacts which add luster to the home decor. These are ideal products that one can gift someone or adorn one’s house with through hand crafted items. Some products can also be used as utility items. All these artefacts are handcrafted & lead free and depict the deep connect with the state.

– Manish Kharapurkar


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