Narkasura… A Special Diwali Tradition in Goa


‘Diwali’, the festival of lights is the major festival in India. Like all festivals, Goans have unique way of celebrating Diwali. Here in Goa, one of the major attractions of the festival is the demon ‘Narkasur’.

The legend has it that Lord Krishna killed Narkasur – the demon of hell, on this day and hence people celebrate the victory of good over evil. Of late making and burning of Narkasur effigies has become a rage in Goa.  One sees them in every nook & corner and people seem to forget the divine role of Lord Krishna who killed the demon.

Narkasur Nite 2006 Goa

‘Narkasur’ competitions are held all across Goa. Giant effigies of Narkasur are depicted fighting Lord Krishna who ultimately kills Narkasur with his ‘Sudarshan chakra’. The Narkasur competitions and the effigies draw huge crowds.

However, one wonders if the glorifying the demon is the right thing, when the real significance should be veneration of Lord Krishna and the victory of good over evil.

Narkasur Nite 2006 Goa


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