Diwali… The Festival of Lights!


‘Akashdeeps’ in the sky, ‘Stars’ in the balconies and sparkling lights everywhere marks the arrival of Diwali – The festival of lights. It’s the major Hindu festival in our country and celebrated with enthusiasm, festivity and much fanfare all around. The Goans have a unique way of celebrating festivals and so is Diwali.

The legend has it that Lord Krishna killed Narkasur – the demon of hell, on this day and hence people celebrate the victory of good over evil. According to another version, when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after killing Ravan, His arrival in Ayodhya was celebrated by lighting lamps and that marked the beginning of Diwali.

Traditional phov (bitten rice) delicacies are a part of Diwali menu in every household. Breakfast comprises of different dishes made of phov. Why is that? That’s because, it’s the new harvest season and the phov is made from rice paddy. In ancient days, this was the only thing available and over the years, it has become a tradition.

Diwali festival culminates with the celebration of “Tulsi vivaha”, which comes few days after Diwali. This also marks the start of the wedding season in Goa. It is a festival which touches so many aspects of our lives. It symbolises the family bonding, the brother-sister love, the prosperity of business & trade and even the compassion towards cattle.

Especially for Diwali, Marcou Artefacts has designed creative decorative items like ‘Diyas’(Lamps), which are designed artistically and in an eco-friendly way, which are ideal for decorating your homes for the festival as well as for gifting to your near & dear ones. Marco Artefacts is a truly Goan enterprise which has always taken pride in being Goan and promoting Goan identity & Goan craft through their products. The company presents a fusion of creativity and quality, which promotes local talent



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