The Goan Ferries


God has been really kind to Goa and Goa is blessed with the beautiful natural habitat. Goa’s topography consists of beautiful rivers and tributaries and hence aquatic mode of transportation was one of the major modes of travel in earlier days. There are many hamlets which are islands or peninsulas, therefore they have to use aquatic mode of transport. Hence one finds ‘Ferry’ service or ‘Ferry boat’ service operational in many parts the state.


Crossing the rivers by ferries reduces the distances between various locations drastically. A ferry boat is a specially designed boat which carries passengers as well as motor vehicles. Even big vehicles like Buses and Trucks can use this service. In earlier times two wooden ramps used to be connected to the ferry as it reached the shore, so that the vehicles could enter and exit the ferry. Over the years, the ferries have gone through transformation and now they are fitted with ramps which allow the vehicles to board the ferry. They have become much bigger and faster.

However of late, many new bridges have been built and slowly and steadily the number of routes with ferry services is going down. However, in some places, it is still the only mode of transport to travel out of the village. The ferry services in Goa are free for passengers. Ferry ride is a lovely experience and one can see many tourists enjoying these rides when they visit the state.


Ferry is a typical Goan service. Likewise, Marcou Artifacts is a truly Goan enterprise which has always taken pride in being Goan and promoting Goan identity & Goan craft through their products. The company presents a fusion of creativity and quality, which promotes local talent. It is an earnest effort to spread the Goan culture and its rich heritage beyond the shores of its land.


Marcou Artifacts has designed creative artefacts resembling the fruit which add lustre to the home decor. These are ideal products that one can gift someone or adorn one’s house with through hand crafted items. Some products can also be used as utility items. All these artefacts are lead free and depict the deep connect with the state.


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