Goan Poder

At Mae De Deus bakery in Saligao

Goans are used to two wake up calls in the morning. The first one being universal – coming from the rooster – and the second one unique, coming from traditional ‘Poder’. ‘Poder’ is the typical Goan baker. The ‘Poder’ with his familiar ‘horn’ makes his first visit early in the morning distributing various types of breads, which is the main item of majority of Goan’s breakfast.

Typically dressed in the shorts and most of the times wearing hat, ‘Poder’ makes the round in the bicycle which carries a basket filled with different varieties of breads like ‘Pao’, ‘undo’, ‘poli’ and ‘kakon’. These ‘Poders’ are synonymous with Goan culture and tradition. This legacy has been given to Goa by Portuguese and the bakery business is mainly run by members of Catholic community.

It’s not only an item for breakfast, it’s often consumed for dinners as well and hence one sees ‘Poder’ making another trip around in the evenings.

Like all businesses, even in bakery business there has been commercialization like launch of pastry shops, branded stuff, etc, but the traditional industry has survived. These days we talk about service and delivery at doorsteps, but ‘Poders’ can easily be referred as the innovators in this delivery service business and are doing these things for decades in Goa.Poder1

One cannot imagine Goa without ‘Poders’ who are an integral part of Goa’s tradition.Poder2

Marco artifacts too is a truly Goan enterprise which has always taken pride in being Goan and promoting Goan identity & Goan craft through their products. The company presents a fusion of creativity and quality, which promotes local talent. It is an earnest effort to spread the Goan culture and its rich heritage beyond the shores of its land.


Marcou Artifacts has designed creative utility items which are designed artistically and eco-friendly and are ideal for special occasions.


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